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Why "Solvit"

Headquartered in New York City, readily sensing the future of marketing, Solvit will ignite your social media as well as grow and monetize your brand allowing you to reach untapped customers. Solvit is unwaveringly committed to the growth of your business. Solvit will create a strategy plan that is optimized for your needs and has the ability to address and improve all aspects of thought leadership. Solvit has the nimbleness to move between social media platforms with expertise in content management. Your goals become Solvit’s solutions so that we win and grow together.     



What Does "Solvit" Mean

"Solvit" is Latin for sail.

"And he shouted... 'bring the fire so we may burn the sails.'" (Alexander the Great in Persia)

Solvit ignites a burning desire to succeed. Solvit's same commitment ensures success by eliminating obstacles to accomplish your goals. 

We leave nothing behind as we move forward to ensure your success!


Core Values and Mission Statement

Listen | Problem SOlve | Execute

By listening to you, Solvit will problem solve and execute in order to help you accomplish more than you ever thought you could. 


About the Robert Berk, Founder & President

For more than a year now, Robert has had a front row seat to one of the world's leading thought leaders in social media, Dave Kerpen. Dave is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author, and global keynote speaker. He is the Founder and CEO of Likeable Local, a social media software company serving thousands of small businesses, as well as the chairman and cofounder of Likeable Media, an award-winning social media and word-of-mouth marketing agency for big brands. Dave has written four books and his newest book is The Art of People.

As Dave's Project Manager and Executive Assistant, Robert has created websites, run social media ad campaigns, written articles, planned and coordinated events, published a book and more.

These experiences have given him essential training, skills, and knowledge needed to give you a world class agency experience at a fraction of the cost. 

While Robert may still be in college, this not only allows him to offer his service at a very affordable rate but also allows him to be in touch with the changing tides of social media platforms, bring a new perspective to your business, and generate creative solutions. 

Robert has learned a tremendous amount, and he wants to learn more. Robert wants to learn about your business so that he can best help it grow.

Whatever the challenge is, Robert will Solvit.

The Solvit Team


Jarrod Gerstein: Account Manager

Jarrod is a junior at Hamilton College where he is an Economics major and a History and Physics double minor. He has previously worked with social media marketing and outreach at companies such as Pangea Today and Teton Gravity Research. In his free time, you can find Jarrod at the squash courts or in the mountains.